Buyers’ Favorite Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Buyers’ Favorite Bathroom Remodeling Ideas. When homebuyers visit your house for a showing, they will study the bathroom, thus bathroom remodeling ideas are crucial. This is the room to concentrate on if you wish to capture them. If you don’t like the way your bathroom looks right now, make some adjustments before you sell it.

Buyers’ Favorite Bathroom Fixtures and Showers

While your bathroom’s vanity may not be the most beautiful feature, it can make or break the room’s decor. Your bathroom will not be functional if it lacks adequate storage, is made of ineffective materials, or is arranged haphazardly. Choose a vanity with enough storage to hold all of your bathroom essentials. It should be constructed of strong, long-lasting materials. Consider choosing moisture-resistant hardwoods for cabinetry, or opt for wood veneers and solid surface countertops instead of laminate countertops and cabinets for a better return on investment.

Choose a bathroom vanity that isn’t too huge or too little for your space; it should complement the size of the room while yet accommodating your needs for getting ready. Even if you want to impress buyers, don’t overcrowd a small bathroom with a large vanity. The vanity’s size is less crucial than the room’s size. Choose a location for the feature that will not obstruct the flow of your bathroom.

Homebuyers nowadays aren’t simply seeking excellent soaking tubs. Showers that are both useful and convenient are required by busy lifestyles. If your bathroom still has a tub, remove it and replace it with a large shower. You can take a shower with his and her shower heads and body sprays, or opt for water-saving fixtures to help future owners conserve water and save money on energy costs.

Choose plumbing fixtures that are both attractive and functional.

Toilets, faucets, and showerheads have all grown more water-efficient in recent years. The WaterSense program of the Environmental Protection Agency is largely responsible for this. Many WaterSense award winners are functionally equivalent to other fixtures. Low-flow rain shower heads are also available. Toilets that are WaterSense certified save about 16,000 gallons of water each year. If you’re replacing the faucet, choose one with an aerator, which will reduce the water flow in your sink by 30 percent or more.

Bathroom fixtures may add a touch of elegance to your space. In fact, something as simple as a new faucet might inspire new bathroom décor ideas. Fixtures come in a variety of styles, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right ones for your bathroom. Popular bathroom finishes include polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

The more storage you have in your bathroom, the more interested purchasers will be in your bathroom renovations. When potential buyers arrive at your bathroom, they will open cupboards to assess the amount of space available. Check to see whether they’re only half full. To avoid cluttering the shelves, keep little items such as hair elastics in a closed box or basket. ​

Colors and textures in the bathroom should be neutral.

Neutral components are popular with buyers. Maintain a neutral palette if you want to replace cabinetry, install new tiles, or repaint walls. Neutral colours help to keep a bathroom clean and can be personalized with accessories. Add colourful towels and accessories if you think the area will look bland with neutral materials.

Bath accessories that aren’t chosen with care can ruin the aesthetic you’ve worked so hard to achieve. It’s critical to select accessories that complement the aesthetic of your fixtures and the overall decor of your bathroom. You can change towels, replace an unsightly shower curtain, put a beautiful vase on the vanity, add task lighting, or replace the shower curtain. Luxurious towels may completely change the look of a bathroom. Towels never look the same after being washed, so display new towels.

Candles, fragrant soaps, and bath oils are examples of other accessories to consider. Display these items in clusters rather than strewn throughout the space. Accessories strewed about to clog up space. Concentrate on keeping things simple and only adding a few pieces. If you’re using jars and candles, make sure they’re all different heights.

Young and seasoned purchasers both want fresh, beautiful bathrooms that conjure up images of relaxing spas or high-end hotels. Most importantly, people want to imagine themselves in their new mansions, luxuriating. However, the truth is that most houses do not have flawless bathrooms. Try these bathroom remodeling ideas to make your bathroom a buyer’s dream. You’ll construct a haven that customers can’t help but fall in love with.

When prospective buyers tour houses for sale, they pay special attention to the restrooms. For some people, having a master bathroom, a family bathroom (full bath), and a half bathroom (powder room) for guests is essential.

At the end of the day, you want purchasers to imagine themselves in your bathroom. However, when you’re living there, you should appreciate the space and incorporate fixtures and amenities that will make the bathroom pleasant for your lifestyle. “Too many people say, ‘I want to relocate, so I’m going to have to remodel my bathroom,'” says Perrin. “Then they sell their home right away. Do it and enjoy it, and if you do it effectively and with great workmanship, you’ll be able to recoup your investment when the property sells.”

Consider your “wishes” for a bathroom renovation. Also keep in mind that, in order to achieve a good return on investment on this project when it comes time to sell your house, you’ll need to prioritize based on what sells bathrooms. Keep the cost of each component of the project plan in mind. Can you, for example, update the look of cabinets by altering hardware rather than replacing the entire structure? Is a new vanity sink required, or can the faucet be updated to give the space a more modern feel?

“Focus on the visuals for resale: nice tile, nice colours, nice fixtures and don’t spend a lot on the high-end utilities because most people can’t tell the difference,” says Cameron Snyder, president of Roomscapes Luxury Design Center in Boston, Mass., and former president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

Speak with a real estate agent. Look at similar properties in your neighborhood. Do they have a lot of bathrooms? Is it necessary to add a half or full bath in order to compete? Consult real estate agents to learn which bathroom amenities attract purchasers.

Within reason, we’re talking wow. For example, if you’re redoing the bathroom floor, you can spend approximately $600 on radiant heat floor mats, which can be marketed as a true luxury feature to potential buyers. “Buyers will remember the heated floors in the bathroom it creates an emotional connection,” Snyder explains. Hand showers are also more practical, cost-effective, and a better upgrade than regular showerheads.

Accessorize. Simply switching out towels, changing a dingy shower curtain, and adding an unusual eye-catching object such as a stunning vase may give your bathroom a quick, effective makeover. Even the arrangement of requirements can make a difference. Towels should be rolled and neatly stacked on an open shelf. Keep all of your belongings off of the vanity’s counter.

Set the tone.

Putting down a welcome mat and saying a few Hail Marys won’t cut it when it comes to showing off your home to potential buyers. It’s all in the details. Roll up your sleeves and get to work cleaning out drawers, stuffing debris into a hidden closet (just kidding clean it up), replacing old towels with a nice set, and laying down a snazzy new bathmat to make your bathroom gleam.

A few fragrant candles will add that extra “ooh-la-la!” factor. Just keep in mind that overpowering smells can irritate sensitive noses. (See my piece on organically deodorizing your home.) Also, don’t forget to scrub everything down properly. Alternatively, bribe your children to do it.

Consider storage.

Storage space sells, according to Designed to Sell designer Lisa LaPorta (thanks to HGTV for the article). Add a vanity with plenty of shelves and drawers, a bigger cabinet, or a few floating shelves to keep towels and other bathroom accouterments if your bathroom now feels a little impractical. Alternatively, simply empty your drawers and cabinets so potential buyers can see how much space they’ll have to work with. After all, even the tiniest place appears larger after a thorough de-cluttering.

Colors should be subdued.

Not everyone wants to live in a house with subdued neutrals and monogrammed towels. So you took the plunge and gave your bathroom a cherry-red makeover. That might work for you and you have every right to enjoy your home on your own terms but what if you’re looking to sell? Expect not everyone to be enamored with your interior design choices.

If you plan to sell your home soon, don’t over-personalize your bathroom decor. Alternatively, where possible, take the appropriate efforts to “depersonalize” design features. When in doubt, what should you do? Keep it simple with a neutral colour scheme and minimal styling.

Attempt to hit the walls.

Do you recall the pink Pepto-Bismol wall tiles from the 1980s? Those aren’t exactly fashionable these days. (What a pleasant surprise.) Don’t allow out-of-date tile to scare away potential purchasers. If you want to sell your house quickly for top dollar, some lovely modern wall tiles (or a mosaic) might suffice.

What about those pink Pepto-Bismol tiles? Mike isn’t bothered by their appearance. However, he is an exception to the norm. “Homeowners should upgrade their bathroom to modernise controversial styles from the past to appease finicky buyers,” he added.

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