Modern Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Inspire You. A modern kitchen should, of course, evoke the embodiment of sleek design and smart concepts to make the best use of the space you have to work with. But, with so many fascinating modern kitchen ideas to choose from, how do you limit it down to the ones that are suitable for you?

The final goal should be to create an attractive and functional kitchen design that will improve the quality of your time spent there. So, to assist you in finding the greatest ideas for your home, we sought the expertise of Décor Aid interior designers and renovation specialists. After all, because it’s one of your most-used rooms and may be quite an investment to get properly, these modern kitchen ideas are sure to provide you with some helpful hints.

Wallpaper that is bold and expressive

Wallpaper may appear to be a relic, but have you noticed how imaginative modern wallpaper prints have become in recent years? You can simply have custom wallpaper printed with just about any design or motif thanks to current printing technology, making your kitchen feel even more modern and unique.

Go for a strong look with a large-scale printed wall covering or a more subdued look with a delicate micro-pattern. In essence, the sky’s the limit, but be sure that the colours in your new kitchen wallpaper are ones that you’ll enjoy for years to come, as it can be a costly investment that you won’t want to have to redo anytime soon.

Upper-tier cabinets can be skipped.

Instead of bulky upper kitchen cabinets, consider going for a more clean and simple design by altogether omitting cabinets above your counters for a more open feel while making your area feel brighter and tidier. This will allow you to install open shelving, as well as make your ceilings appear higher and maintain the overall vibe of your kitchen lighter.

Construct a Banquette

Consider having a custom kitchen banquette feature built into your room for a welcoming and warm atmosphere that will also increase the value of your home for years to come.

Best of all, a well-designed custom kitchen banquette will add additional storage to the space, allowing you to maintain it cleaner and more organized on a daily basis.

Surfaces that reflect light

When considering the best modern kitchen design ideas for your home, consider adding dramatic high-shine surfaces for a lovely sense of everyday splendor.

This might be as simple as a mirrored wall, reflected surfaces, or, better yet, polished reflective kitchen cabinets. By opting for ornate details and gleaming surfaces, your kitchen will appear instantaneously larger, as well as eternally opulent and expensive.

Cabinets with a Glass Front

Beautiful glass front cabinets, like high-shine surfaces, will make your kitchen appear larger while also making it feel more expensive. They can be an expensive investment, so make sure the design and style you choose will only increase the value of your home. You’ll not only be able to see what’s within, but you’ll also be able to find what you need much more quickly.

Tones that are gentle and neutral

Neutral tones are a perfect alternative to white kitchens for a more unique look and feel, with soft, relaxing, and timeless cosmetics hues continuing to vogue in the world of interior design. Modern kitchen ideas for your house ask for soft, palette-cleansing tones and subtle decorations to make your kitchen feel more cosy and warm.

Keep it simple and uncomplicated. Instead of going for wild and colorful, think subdued pinks, beiges, corals, and creamy tones modern kitchen design ideas are all about a more modest aesthetic. With a timeless glossy marble countertop, shockingly masculine hardware for contrast, and basic statement lighting, simple kitchen cabinets in subtle tones are likely to look amazing.

Black and White Graphics

The striking colour combination of black and white is always a traditional kitchen combination, but just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best modern kitchen ideas for your unique home. The traditional method would have been all-white kitchen cabinetry with black granite counters, but switch things up for a more modern look.

Choose black cabinets with a gorgeous white surface, or go all black with a contrasting white kitchen island to break up the design. We love white marble with an overhang for a breakfast bar for modern kitchen island ideas that are excellent for entertaining. Furthermore, darker kitchen cabinets will conceal daily wear and tear better than lighter or more natural finishes.


When you think of modern kitchen décor ideas, an all-white area is generally the first thing that comes to mind, and that makes sense, especially if you want to increase your home’s selling value. All-white kitchen designs provide a light and airy atmosphere, which is ideal for small contemporary kitchen ideas since the hue helps you to make your room feel as large and bright as possible.

An all-white area is soothing, and you can add interest to it with a striking accent wall and printed or patterned furnishings like rugs and linens. For the cleanest and most modern design, choose white cabinets with no handles (plus, it stops the space from feeling cluttered which is perfect for minimal small modern kitchen ideas).

Dark and Light Wood

If the notion of an all-white kitchen appeals to you, but the stark appeal feels too confining for your home, blending white cabinetry with dark wood accents is a beautiful alternative that will solve your contemporary kitchen concerns. Install dark wood shelving along a white tiled wall to display kitchenware and storage jars filled with dried products.

With bar stools with wooden seats, a white kitchen island with wood paneling, and wooden kitchen accessories, you can carry the dark wood theme throughout the rest of your kitchen. This combination will brighten up your kitchen and give it a warm and inviting atmosphere without forcing you to abandon modern kitchen decor ideas in favor of a more rustic rural design.

Wooden Surfaces that are Sleek and Modern

Wooden kitchen cabinets may appear to be a dated concept at first glance, but contemporary styles are anything but average while remaining ageless. Modern kitchen ideas for 2019 include sleek and basic wooden kitchen cabinets that have been rethought and streamlined to avoid the conventional feel while offering you an on-trend and modern kitchen design that will last for years. Without handles, wooden kitchen cabinets will perform wonders in your kitchen, giving you a clean, no-fuss look.

A Dark Blue and White Color Combination

A deep inky blue and white combination is guaranteed to do the trick for years to come if you’re looking for modern kitchen decor ideas that instantly conjure an awe-inspiring sense of seductive luxury. The two are a certain way to everyday elegance, as they are a sumptuous and magnificent combination that can transform any kitchen into a complete refuge of stunning contemporary kitchen ideas in no time.

Whether you choose white kitchen cabinets with an inky or deep blue surface, or dark navy blue cabinets with a gorgeous white marble countertop, the result will be spectacular. To give warmth and depth to your kitchen, complement the colour scheme with metallic elements and hardware, as well as a display of copper pans and kitchen accessories.

Stainless Steel is a material that is resistant to corrosion.

When it comes to cabinets, cool stainless steel makes for some of the most gorgeous modern kitchen ideas. Stainless steel is likely to help you create a fully modern vibe in your area, whether you use it in appliances, cabinetry, worktops, backsplashes, or even modern kitchen island ideas.

Stainless steel has an industrial vibe to it, and when combined with white or grey accents, you’ll have a sleek and ultra-modern kitchen that will be envied. Allow the stainless steel to stand out as a feature in and of itself, rather than dismissing the material as purely functional with no substance or flair.

Accents in Metal

High-shine metallic accents will elevate the degree of luxury in your kitchen. In your kitchen design, a series of striking metallic pendant lights will make a big statement. Install a statement gold faucet to make a bold statement. Choose some chrome bar stools for your breakfast bar if you’re feeling daring (a great way to give modern kitchen island ideas a boost).

Mix and match your metallics gone are the days when you had to stick to gold, silver, and bronze tones in your modern kitchen design now you can incorporate all three into your design for a rich and eternally elegant mix.


Modern kitchens can sometimes come across as cold and clinical, lacking in personality and texture, but this doesn’t have to be the case with a few key adjustments. Allow your creativity to go wild as you come up with modern kitchen design ideas that use a variety of textures for added warmth and individuality.

If you don’t have a lot of room, textured white tiles are a wonderful alternative for tiny modern kitchen ideas since they leave the area open while also allowing you to be creative. For a kitchen with personality, choose textured tiles, gorgeous marked marble, upholstered bar stools, metallic accessories, and wooden accents.

Shelving that runs the length of the room

When it comes to small modern kitchen ideas, wall-to-wall shelving is a fashionable storage solution for any modern kitchen and a terrific way to display everyday products and accessories. Not only does wall-to-wall shelving offer storage to your kitchen, but it also allows you to readily access cookware, crockery, and any other everyday kitchen staples you’d like to display.

Make art out of your kitchen’s contents by showcasing a handpicked collection on your wall-to-wall shelving for all to see. Just keep in mind that, while they look great, they can collect dust, which means you’ll have to clean stuff you don’t use very often on a regular basis.

Suspended Shelving is a type of shelving that is suspended from the ceiling.

Suspended shelves aren’t something you see every day, and our interior designers adore how they give your kitchen that extra special touch. When you secure them in a trendy manner, they are more like a work of art than a storage solution since they not only provide you with additional storage, but they also do so in a way that emanates on-trend elegance.

They’re an excellent way to show off your cookware and glasses while also adding a lovely, industrial touch to your kitchen.

Statement lighting isn’t just for the more formal aspects of your home any longer. The rules are in your hands when it comes to modern kitchen design ideas. Be daring and use lighting that is a little unusual and bigger in style to brighten up your kitchen décor.

Even the most royal of lighting solutions will always be practical when it comes to everyday use, even if it’s elaborate and huge in scale. Large spherical pendants, futuristic sculptural lighting, or rows of recessed linear lighting like those found in art galleries and museums make a distinctive and unique impression.

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