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How to take a screenshot Of Any Website & Web Page

How to take a screenshot Of Any Website & Web Page

How do I take a screen shot of a web page?

How can i take a screenshot of complete webpage?

  1. You can use DevTools in Firefox and Chrome web browsers to do this. It’s quite simple and you can even change user agent to take a screenshot of the mobile version of the page.
  2. In Chrome: Open Developer Tools Then Press CTRL+⇧ SHIFT+P > And Type Screenshot Select Screenshot type which you want.
    Responsive image
  3. In Firefox: Open Developer Tools > Toolbox Options > Enable “Take a screenshot of the entire page” option. Now small camera icon will be added in DevTool menu. Press Camera icon to take screenshot.
    Responsive image
  4. Note: Press F12 button to open the DevTools.

How can I test how a web page looks on different browsers?

  1. Browsershots captures a web page with lots of browsers.

I tried “Browsershots” but don’t see any results. Why?

  1. It takes some time. Reload the page after some minutes to get results. Reload after some more minutes to get more results.

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Take a Screenshot

We will teach you, How to take a screenshot on all operating systems without any external application & software

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