You’ll Want to Try Rustic Kitchen Islands

You’ll Want to Try Rustic Kitchen Islands. A kitchen island is one of the simplest ways to make your kitchen more functional and usable. While there are many different designs of kitchen islands to accommodate any area, a rustic one is particularly warm and inviting. A rustic kitchen island can help make your space feel cozier, more inviting, and more like home. There are endless rustic kitchen island ideas for every home, whether you already have a rustic-themed kitchen or wish to mix and match designs.

An Island Made of Reclaimed Wood

If you have a lot of room, why not make use of it with a lovely kitchen island like this one from the line rabbit? This magnificent island not only adds extra storage and counter space to the kitchen but also serves as an heirloom piece that helps to set the tone for the entire space. A simple yet lovely wooden island, such as this one, is the ideal addition to any modern farmhouse kitchen.

Add a splash of colour

Rustic does not have to imply colorless. It can mean heavy, deep woods and substantial structure. With bright teal planks that add a pop of colour to the otherwise bland kitchen, this gorgeous island from its meet sister thing is fun and unusual. We also like how it appears next to the patterned tiles when it comes to rustic design, don’t be hesitant to mix and match styles.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse on Boone’s rustic choice is a little bit country, a little bit modern, and ideal for any kitchen in need of a little additional counter space. Not only does it provide additional space for chopping and preparation, but the shelves and cabinets also provide convenient storage for pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials.

Keep It Simple

There’s something timeless about a shaker kitchen island. Lizzie Marie’s lovely wooden kitchen island is the perfect accent element for an otherwise white kitchen. It adds a lot of warmth to a modern environment that already seems warm and inviting. This piece also has a lot of hefty embellishments that give the kitchen a lot of substance.

A Lovely Weathered Look

With a lovely weathered wood finish that gives it a rustic farmhouse character, this kitchen island from the country line farmhouse appears like it’s been in the family for decades. The wide hardwood plank countertop and beadboard paneling make it a one-of-a-kind and unique focal point for the area. This is the ideal focal point for a rural kitchen.

Rustic and Modern

Rustic does not always imply large, solid pieces that take up the entire kitchen. This island from Embracing the Chaos is the ideal multi-purpose piece that not only adds counter space but also serves as a breakfast bar where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or read the morning paper. Black may look rustic when paired with other dark woods, and if you use blackboard paint, you can utilize the space for grocery lists, notes, and appointments.

Choose Shiplap.

Shiplap is undeniably one of the most popular modern, rustic materials available today. Decorating with shiplap is a terrific way to bring a rustic feel to any room, whether it’s thanks to Joanna Gaines or because the design is so versatile that it’s found its way into all types of homes. This gorgeous kitchen island from Charlotte’s Happy Home has the same concrete countertop as the rest of the kitchen but adds texture to the room with white shiplap.

A Centerpiece for the Kitchen Island

This rustic kitchen island by FoxBuilt is designed to blend in with the rest of the kitchen’s cabinetry, but it’s built of darker brown wood. The pale marble counters contrast nicely with the darker rustic wood foundation, keeping the space feeling fresh and fascinating.

An Island with a Rustic Cabin

The entire kitchen in this Unique Homestays rental home is so interesting to look at that it feels like there’s something new to see every time you come in. The antiqued wood kitchen island blends in wonderfully with the rest of the rustic cabin-like interior, and it even has unusual antique farm implements on the outside to add to the old atmosphere.

Make Use Of Brick

Whether you use genuine brick or imitate it with removable wallpaper, brick in a kitchen island may appear incredibly rustic and cozy. On this island from our.nohai.home, the contrast between the red brick and the deep wood countertop generates visual interest and makes the rest of the kitchen feel warm and complete.

Add Rustic Accents

If you already have a kitchen island and don’t want to spend the money on a complete remodel, take a hint from hausofhoneydo’s well-designed room and add a few rustic accents to achieve the appearance. The wooden trim on this white kitchen island has a farmhouse vibe to it and serves to tie the other wooden pieces in the kitchen together. This is a simple touch that adds just the right bit of farmhouse flair to practically any kitchen island.

Materials can be mixed and matched

This large island from greybirchdesigns employs a variety of materials and textures to create a country chic kitchen that is both contemporary and comforting. We really like the worn wood details in this space, as well as the industrial-style architect bar stools.

An Island for People Who Live in Small Spaces

Do you think you won’t be able to fit a rustic kitchen island into your small kitchen? Reconsider your position. Farm decor momma’s lovely teal and wood kitchen cart serve as a tiny island with extra prep space and a storage shelf. A rustic island may help center and provide a focal point in any kitchen, regardless of its size.

Simple Is Best

This huge kitchen island by nutch design co is modern with just the right amount of rustic. Simple white worktops and shiplap siding with a touch of natural wood trim are our favorites. In a kitchen, mixing and matching white and wooden features is a terrific approach to give the space a rustic character while still keeping it modern and updated.

Choose reclaimed wood.

Using recycled or worn wood to create a rustic feel in any kitchen is a terrific way to go. With wood planks stained in various tones of weathered greys and browns, this island by villalongamallorca is an eye-catching piece that looks instantly rustic. The mismatched stain is a terrific technique to achieve a rustic farmhouse aesthetic that goes with almost any cabinetry.

Select a Rustic Island with a U-Shaped Shape.

The shiplap and dark stained hardwood countertop on this large U-shaped kitchen island by kindermade_ create a rustic-yet-modern appearance that links the white kitchen together. A huge kitchen island not only makes a statement but also serves as a focal point around which you can arrange the remainder of your kitchen.


‘Islands tend to become the home theatre of cooking,’ explains Graeme Smith, Head of Design at Life Kitchens. When all eyes are on the island during mealtimes, every aspect, from breakfast bar ideas to tiny features like appliances and hardware, must be well-thought-out in terms of design. A stunning Butler sink becomes a significant feature in this kitchen by interior designer Amanda Evans, underlining the rustic roots of the design’s contemporary take on farmhouse style.


‘Islands provide a variety of functional benefits in the kitchen, but they may also add character to a design,’ Smith explains. ‘On an island, large format materials like granite and quartz tend to perform well.’ Why limit yourself to just one surface if you’ve fallen in love with your countertop material? Installing a wrap-around countertop will allow the material to flow down the edges of the island, providing a sumptuous impression of seamlessness that is ideal for a contemporary aesthetic. If you leave the perpendicular side open, you can use it as a location for your island seating ideas, as seen above.


Consider how much area you’ll need beyond the island while deciding on the correct size. ‘Islands are a visually appealing component in a kitchen, but they may take up a lot of room,’ Smith explains. ‘When considering including one in a design, take into account the available space as well as the circulation area surrounding the island.’

‘A layout that welcomes an easy flow will often require 48in/1200mm between the cabinetry and the island.’ The island area is maximized in this little kitchen, but there is just enough space for users to maneuver about it comfortably.


If your kitchen is short on storage, adding an island to the mix brings up a world of options. When creating a kitchen island, keep a range of storage options in mind. Incorporate a mix of cabinets and drawers to provide easy storage for a variety of table and cookware shapes and sizes. Open shelves can also be used to display some of your most distinctive kitchen items. ‘An incorporated island book-end adds a homey touch,’ Smith advises. ‘This will free up counter space and allow you to display your favorite cookbooks for an added layer of style.’


When creating a kitchen island, go against the grain and go for something a little more distinctive, such as a slightly curved or entirely round island. With a part rectangular, part curved shape for the ultimate statement piece, this Tom Howley kitchen island is a double whammy.


Changing the surface materials might assist to break up a long kitchen island. This can also be used to assist zone distinct locations based on their intended use. For example, a surface used for food prep could be preserved as stone, while a breakfast bar could be made of wood, like in this kitchen. Our white kitchen ideas may provide you extra inspiration if you like this neutral style.

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